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Introduction of Me: Origin of the Bookworm.

Hey everyone,

i figured i should take this time to talk a little about myself so you guys know what to expect from this page… not that i’m a 100% sure anybody will actually read anything i write but it is a good chance for me to practice for later in life; so here goes nothing:

I am a nearly 20 year old university student in my third year studying in an English degree. my life is basically a never ending routine of classes, studying and the occasional time to finish a novel the same day that i start it. Since the time that i was little i have always read books, mainly because my mother refused to perpetuate gender roles in my life; so instead of kitchenettes, tea sets, tiaras etc. i got books, but still i didn’t really become a dedicated bookworm/ book-dragon until ¬†close to my first year of high school, around this time i was still reading casually to pass the time instead of playing games and giving myself injuries like a normal kid. it wasn’t until the movie Twilight came out that my descent into Book addiction began, i got the first three books of the series for my birthday ( Twilight, new Moon and Eclipse for those who don’t know) after i begged my mother for them after watching the movie and loving it. As i was sick that week and it was my first week in a new school i stayed at home and those three books had been finished within three days, it was to a much younger me absolutely amazing and i had to get the next one. So, without further arguments my mother generously bought me the next book in the series which i finished in two days. Feeling better after my week sickie i walked into a new and frankly terrifying school feeling like in that moment i’ve never felt a closer affinity to one Bella Swan.

I was frankly terrified. But i soon found my way into the my social group and how did i do that? through Twilight, at this time it was a major phenomena and basically everyone was into it. So naturally when i mentioned it around certain Twi-hard i was immediately accepted into the fold of nerds, i am now ashamed (somewhat) to admit that we even gave each other nicknames based on characters from the books (I was Esme). My evolution didn’t stop there however, i quickly got sick of reading the books 12 times in a row and a girl i used to be friends with then decided to open up my world by showing me the paranormal section in our school library. Ah, the mistakes of youth. In that time i found series after series of books to fall in love with to the point where i got used to having a book on my person at all times.

Now, i’m someone whose life is dedicated to books and literature, both metaphorically and literally with aspirations to become a famous author and a bookshelf packed to the brim with novels. So, in order to spare my friends the pain of listening to me ramble for hours on end about whatever book I’m reading at the moment, I’ve made this blog, where i can write reviews on what i’m reading and maybe post so original pieces of my own. So, if you’re reading this for whatever reason, Good Luck and Enjoy xx



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