Book Review: Mara Dyer Chronicles

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer: Michelle Hodkin. (Spoilers Ahead)

Holy hell this book was good!

from start to finish i was completely captivated by Mara Dyer’s story. I will admit when i first picked up the book i was a little hesitant to start reading, thinking a little in the back of my mind that it would be just another teen book which was written well; but not beautifully, i was wrong in the most glorious sense. from start to finish the book was filled with vivid imagery and a tantalising mystery that had me theorising the entire time. I basically finished it in a day, i just couldn’t put it down. In the beginning when Mara wakes up in the hospital and is feeling entirely confused i feather emotions as if they were my own and images of the scene unfolding around me bloomed in my mind like i was watching a movie, everything was well written and captivating, making me need to just keep going to understand what the hell was going on in this teenagers life!

all of the characters were well-written with seemingly minds of their own instead of being words on the page. Michelle set Mara’s personality basis up in a quick fashion with so much more about her being learned as her story unfolds, i feel as if i went through all of her trials with her, Mara’s pain is my pain; it was an extraordinary experience, one that i’m looking forward to continuing. what tops off this situation is the way Mara is written to interact with other characters, in terms of her family you can see in every forced action and thought out actions that there is so much love there; and when her baby brother Joseph gets kidnapped and the repercussion of his kidnapping unfold Mara’s protective instinct and need to find her brother were communicated brilliantly. furthermore, something i loved about the book was Mara’s interactions with Noah. The delicious English boy that i’m sure every girl on the planet wants to kiss. Michelle wrote him beautifully perfect and yet not two dimensional like some books that i’ve read in the past. Noah is both abnormally beautiful and also has so much history and realism that it’s almost as if he were real and about to bang on my door with Mara at his side. The romance between the two was beautifully written and so real, there was no false perfection and no sense that no matter what everything was going to be okay between the two, i’m not sure of the status of their relationship after their fiasco at the courthouse but one things for certain this ‘Ship’s one for my list of all time favourites.

plot wise there was so many things that were done right. my word!! everything was mystery even at the end when somethings that were just assumed become a gigantic mess of confusion. I loved how she gave Noah an opposing gift to whatever the heck Mara has and gave her someone to confide in, although honestly i did in no way see that coming, i honestly though that Noah would be like some sort of supporting character that would be the only one to believe Mara not someone who was completely extraordinary in his won right. When Jude was revealed to be alive at the very end i nearly had to re-read the entire page for it to sink in! i definitely did not see that coming, poor Mara! it’s going to be amazing continuing on Mara’s journey in the next two books, i can;t wait to see what happens as more events unfold. One thing is for certain i hope Mara gets over her fear and just lays one on Noah, i need that in my life.


Talk Soon,





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