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Stranger Things: Review. (Spoilers Ahead)

I went into this show with admittedly some hesitation; as I am a gigantic chicken when it comes to all things Horror and Thriller. Sill I continued forwards, motivated entirely by the sheer amount of popularity this show had received, it had to all be for something didn’t it? So I strived forward, only to be extraordinarily surprised. It was a brilliant show filled with so much drama, unpredictability, hope and a serious amount of confusion and mystery.

In a way that is similar to a show like Neighbours, Teen Wolf and Katie Mcgarry books, the Story follows three to four different groups of people all, (except one) working towards a single truth that has been hidden from the world for a long time now. It all starts with four boys, who are essentially outsiders who have formed a formidable friendship are playing Dungeons and Dragons in one of the boys basement. The boys, Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas are in the middle of a campaign when a creature (in this case a tiny little figurine) called the Demigorgon stomps onto the board, and their game has to come to a close. That night when the boys separate and go to their own homes, Will finds himself stalked by a mysterious creature that trails hi to his house and snatches him. Vanishing without a trace.

From there on the story splits into many perspectives; one of Will’s mother as she try desperately to find Will, in sometimes unusual ways. The second perspective is of the three remaining boys trying to figure out how they’re going to try and find Will without their parents knowing their out and about. During their first night trying to find Will they stumble across a mysterious girl with a shaved head who’s name is Eleven. Eleven or Elle for short seems to have a serious mental mojo going on; she has Telekinetic and Telepathic abilities that are beyond comprehensible. Together the four kids grow closer as friends they also get closer to uncovering the mystery behind Will’s disappearance and Eleven’s abilities and how they’re all connected. The third and fourth perspective follows two of the siblings of the four boys. Nancy who is Mike’s older sister and Jonathan who is Will’s older brother. These two perspectives merge together when Nancy’s friend Barbara goes missing in the same way that Will did and Jonathan manages to get a picture of the creature that did it.

From there Will’s mum Joyce teams up with Sheriff Jim Hopper who discover in their own way secrets of their own, Joyce finds a way to communicate with Will where he is and a way to be able to tell when the monster who took him is close. ┬áJim Hopper discovers those who are behind all these supernatural occurrences. Together all three stories come together like puzzle pieces to reveal the whole picture; revealing everything, from the location of Will, to how it came to be, the creature that took will to the people who created Elle and summoned the creature. The season ends in a dramatic series of action packed events that leave the audience begin for more. Personally, I’m not entirely happy with the ending myself; don’t get me wrong I’m very satisfied with Will’s return and Hopper getting together with Joyce. I’m a little unsatisfied with Nancy ending back together with Steve (Her boyfriend in the beginning of the season) rather than Jonathan, and what makes me more upset was the fate of Elle, just after Mike admits his feelings. I mean come on!

Hopefully everything turns out better for Season 2. Which I will definitely be dying to watch this coming year, believe it! Trust me, this show is a must watch.

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