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Obsidian: Jennifer L Armentrout (Spoilers Ahead)


Wow this book was incredible!

I just finished reading the little snippets of Daemon’s perspective and I am still reeling. I loved every minute of this book! It did have some familiar elements to many other paranormal novels that have read before, however, they were presented in a way that was fresh, new and exciting. Though this is my first Alien novel, a lot of the expectations are the same when it comes to paranormal fiction. The trope of the outside girl falling for the different (insanely hot) boy, who has a mysterious past and things about him that she cannot explain. Were these not executed properly this book would be a bust, however, it wasn’t Armentrout has a wonderful literary humour which shines through her characters and her grounding sci-fi into the earthly world is fantastically done. Seriously read this if you love paranormal fiction… I plan on picking up the next book as soon as I finish this review. Not even kidding.


So, the book opens up when the main protagonist, Katy moves to a new town. Quickly we learn of who she is as a person; she loves to read and write reviews about books online via her blog *cough* slightly familiar *cough*, and prefers the indoors with the company of her internet friends rather than the real world. Her mother, who isn’t around much is a doctor struggling to move on from eh family’s loss. Katy had lost her father to terminal cancer two years ago, the both of them are still feeling his absence. On her very first day in her new middle-of-nowhere town she goes next door in a effort to put herself out there, and asks for directions, only to come face-to-face with the male lead, Daemon, or as I started to think of him as, sex on legs. From that point onwards, we the audience are introduced to multiple characters who all seem to share a supernatural vibe about them. There’s Dee, the bubbly and friendly sister to Daemon; the triplets Ash, Andrew and Adam, and finally Matthew. While admittedly the triplets and Matthew take on more background roles, each character is intriguing and fascinating, especially when it is revealed that they’re actually from another planet.

Katy is a main protagonist any author should be proud to have created. This is one girl who is no femme fatale. she has a fantastic quick wit and sense of humour which had me giggling the entire time! what’s truly fantastic about her character is that even in the face of adversity, I mean at one point she’s literally in the centre of a badass alien fight, she doesn’t back down. She doesn’t simply accept her weakness in comparison to others and let everyone do her fighting for her; instead she faces certain death in the face and charges head-long into the battle to save those she cares about. An admiral trait. what’s more is that it wasn’t written in a way that made it seem unconvincing or ridiculous, but rather like she was in her own way truly succeeding in fending for herself, or at least playing her part to make sure everyone came out okay. I really enjoyed reading Katy ins situations where she just faces danger with fear and determination, it was fantastic to experience. she is also a wonderful role model when it comes with dealing with crappy people, when Daemon treats her terribly she doesn’t sit in a corner and cry about it, rather she rises to the challenge and I would even argue gives Daemon a run for his money. This is especially true in the end when she doesn’t jump on him immediately for showing interest in her, but rather stands her ground and demands what she deserves in a relationship, walking away when Daemon can’t give it to her. That is something rare and valuable not often seen in a main character, something I look forward to enjoying more of, lord knows what incredibly clever remarks she will come up with next!

Speaking of remarks (though in this case the smarts kind), Daemon is the kind of male lead I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading in a long time. Call me a masochist, but I live the kind of male protagonist that is smart, sarcastic, witty and has a long track-record of doing asshole things for the right reasons. And don’t even get me started on how he looks physically. He truly is mesmerising, interesting and a pain in the ass! I really enjoyed his interactions with Katy, they do reveal a lot about who he is as a character, which draws the audience in further into the story. He has a fierce streak of loyalty which isn’t all that common a trait for a male protagonist to have. Usually the love interest puts his girlfriend above all others, endangering the people around him in order to keep his girl safe. In this case Daemon is very different, in a way I believe I have been waiting for… I’m frankly sick of reading about guys who will destroy the world for the woman he loves, disregarding everyone else. With Daemon, he finds himself at war with wanting to be with Katy and his loyalty to his sister and his family-friends, a refreshing quality which I truly enjoyed seeing.

Oh and the chemistry the two have with each other is off the charts! JLA did a seriously good job of writing these two together, they complement each other wonderfully, while also annoying the shit out of each other. it’s all these little elements combined that make them believable as a hopefully future couple, they’re both completely badass, loyal and strong in their own way; complete with their humour and wit matching wonderfully, and setting each other off, it’s no wonder they are drawn to each other. It’s a very believable romance that truly establishes a hope for future books and I found it wonderful to read and enjoy, at a few points they even had me in stitches!

I cannot wait to read the next instalment!

Til next time!



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