The Reading Slump…

The Slump is real…
Read my advice on how to escape this bookworm hell.


The Urban Dictionary defined a reading slump as: A readers worst nightmare. Not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read.

And i couldn’t agree more.

It’s a new kind of hell when you can’t bring yourself to do you’re favourite thing in the world. For readers, this is the reading slump; it’s when no matter how hard you try for some reason you can’t see to either stick with a book long enough to finish it, or you do stick with a book but actually reading it drags on until you can barely even remember the plot line or the original excitement that thrums in your veins at needing to know what happens next dulls into a distant hum.

Reading slumps can occur for many reasons, personally for me its because lately i have university work up to my ears. Bu there are also numerous other reasons such as…

  1. Busy with work.
  2. Haven’t read in a while.
  3. Children.
  4. Read too much of the same genre.
  5. Just finished a soul shattering (in a good way) book.
  6. Just read a really bad book.

No matter the reason behind why you fell into a slump, it’s still hard to shake. I don’t quite have it down to a science (yet) but here’s my personal method that i use to defeat my reading slumps, which are now seemingly becoming an almost monthly ritual.

firstly i take a look at the books i’ve been reading lately to really get a feel for the type of books I’ve been reading as of lately; i don’t specifically look at genre, i look at the emotion and the style of the books I’ve been reading for instance, if i’ve been reading something like The Hunger Games, I would come note that those books had themes of death, war, a love triangle, angst, and anger. So, if i’ve been reading books that, let’s be honest challenges my faith in humanity its better to read a book that has a more positive outlook on life and a way of living and i would definitely stay away from a dystopian novel for the time being.

I recommend to get out of any reading slump, a contemporary book. But the problem is which contemporary? There are so many sub-categories within the contemporary genre that picking the perfect book to help you through the slump can be challenging. Before i get to how to pick this book i’m going to defend my Contemporary rule for a little bit. Contemporaries are the best books in my opinion to help with a reading slump. When an athlete has an injury and tries to get back into their beloved sport, you don’t see them on their first day back trying to work at the same level as they were before their injury, if they pushed themselves they would do more harm then good. For avid readers who are experiencing a reading slump starting off with a content heavy series that is written to ruin your life e.g the Mortal Instruments, Divergent series… you (the athlete) are just going to pull a muscle that’s going to prolong the period of inactivity. So, starting off with a contemporary novel that’s preferably a stand-alone is easing yourself back into reading in the most gentle way possible. It’s usually an easy read, with an ending that can make you feel emotion without feeling like you’ve been overwhelmed as if you’ve just conquered a massive series that would mark the end of a period of your life, and they usually involve a cute sappy romance that makes you believe in love; and… if ended correctly that can re-ignite the need to pick up another book immediately.

The hard part is picking the perfect contemporary to start you off properly on your reading journey or renewal. To bring back the example of The Hunger Games, when picking a contemporary novel if those books are the last ones you’ve read before try to go with a novel that has themes opposite of those in your last novel. So, as i said earlier the Hunger Games has themes of death, war, a love triangle, angst and anger; in order to negate the reading slump that this book helped you fall into going with a short contemporary that would have the general idea of a boy-meets-girl classic genre with little emotional trauma in the way of plot. Something simple and sweet with character growth and a happily ever after ending would be the perfect book to get out of the slump as it would make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. It would encourage you to explore this genre further and eventually you can evolve your reading habits to include contemporaries with more intense sub-plotlines and then before you know it you’ll be picking up another dystopian series in no time. Books i would recommend to start off with in this case would be…

  1. Stephanie Perkins. (Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and Happily Ever After).
  2. Rainbow Rowell (Attachments and Fangirl)
  3. John Green – Paper Towns.
  4. Lauren Myracle, John Green, Maureen Johnson – Let it Snow.
  5. Nicholas Sparks – Safe Haven.

To all those battling a reading slump i wish you luck! x

Til next time!



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Dare You To: Katie McGarry (Spoilers Ahead)

I’ll say it once, i’ll say it a thousand times, i’ll say it forever. I love Katy McGarry. If you love a good book, this one is definitely for you!

I’ll say it once, i’ll say it a thousand times, i’ll say it forever. I love Katie McGarry!!!!!


This woman has cemented her spot as my favourite contemporary author with absolutely no effort on her part, well, she wrote the book but you get my point. Dare You To is a re-read and a spectacular book that i love reading over and over again. This woman is a brilliant author, and i should know, I’ve read everything she has ever written. She’s not like most contemporary authors in that their books are filled with such sweetness and adorableness that you squeal like a little girl; intact Katie’s books are so real and filled with emotion that you’d have to be heartless not to be taken on the ride that is her stories, and it is no different with Dare You To. Ugh, this book was amazing!

I just finished it and my heart feels like it’s been through the ringer right alongside the character’s and the ending is so much more satisfying because of it. It is the second book to a some-what series that binds together the lives and hearts of Beth Risk and Ryan Stone. Beth is someone whose had a hard life and Ryan has seemingly the perfect life with cracks and breaks that no-one bothers to see. Their relationship is rocky, beautiful and unique and i’d be lying if i didn’t say i loved every moment of it.


Let’s start with Beth. How do i even being to describe Beth?

Beth has spent her life growing up on the other side of the tracks not ever entirely sure if the pace she decides to go home to is safe. She is surrounded by drugs, crime, gangs and a feeling of helplessness disguised by a stone heart. She relies on very few people in her life, Isaiah, Noah and herself; to escape a feeling of sinking and being chained to a life she can’t escape she let’s bad decisions take her over and she ends up on the road to becoming an addict without an escape into the potential that she has for herself. Stuck in a situation where her mum is a drug-addict and whose boyfriend is abusive to both her and Beth, even though Beth lives with her aunt and he choices seem limited Beth does everything she can to survive. All this comes to a halt when she is arrested for almost taking a baseball bat to Trent’s (her mother’s boyfriend) head. She is then taken in , albeit forcefully by her uncle who takes full custody of Beth as she is only 17 and gives her a second chance at life. Beth evolves so much as a character and a person, she learns how to open up and allow herself to care for others and start to trust other people with who she is and she starts to face her fears. This growth is explored and described beautifully by Katie through beautiful metaphors such as when she learns how to swim in the lake with Ryan, by letting Ryan teach her how to swim Katie is communicating to us that Beth is finally opening herself up to Ryan and the world and realising all the possibilities that escaped Beth before. Not to mention the bird trapped in the barn metaphor showing a struggle for life and being blind to those trying to help the situation and in panic not seeing the clear escape; which strikes the audience and Beth in its significance although unseen at the time. And when Beth finally let’s herself have hope! There aren’t even words that describe how i felt in that moment. Beth’s relationship with Ryan is like a healing balm to her soul and the door to her heart and who she is and can be; the same goes for Ryan.

Let’s talk Ryan Stone. Oh Ryan *sigh*. I relate to him on so many levels. Ryan is a star Baseball player who has only known Baseball, with dreams to make it into the Pros, but he is confronted with troubles at home as his parents can barely stand to be in the same room after his older brother came out as Gay and was subsequently kicked out of the house. Ryan feels like his entire world is crashing down around him and he can barely cope but he tries by holding onto the one thing that remains constant. Baseball. His future. Except when it’s no longer certain, as when find out when it is revealed that he has a secret talent. He is an extraordinary writer. Battling with expectations and being unable to admit to himself what he really wants to do Ryan does everything he can to preserve what he knows; one: that he loves Baseball and two: he never looses. Ryan goes through so much change and growth that i have mamma bear feelings of pride overtime i think about it!! he grows into his own person and starts making his own decisions despite what his controlling parents think. He does so many brave things is this books its heart-warming. he re-connects with his brother, he chases his dreams of becoming a writer, he falls in love, he denies his parents the ability to control him and he makes a path in life for himself that can only lead to the kind of satisfaction you feel when you’ve followed all of your dreams and came out on top (if a little bruised and battered) He goes through his own personal hell and come out stronger than ever before and i will never not love Ryan Stone as a character, especially the way Katie writes him and his emotional state.

Usually around here is where i mention any negatives about the book that i found… but i have none so…


Til next time!


Throne of Glass: Sarah J. Maas (Spoilers Ahead)

A surprising story that has opened my world to a love of fantasy fiction and a brilliant read! Read more to find out what else i had to say…


This book was a surprise to say the least. I usually have trouble reading fantasy novels, mainly because i’m not quite used to reading them yet… but this book was really good, i was addicted to the characters and their developments as well as the mystery embedded into the story, it was a journey from the beginning to the end, with an ending making me crave for more of the story so i will definitely be picking up the sequel, this book was in itself a beautiful read and a gorgeous story that made me feel so enraptured by the world Sarah J created.

So, I finished this book last night while treating myself to a bath… so forgive me if i’m not as rambling as usual because i didn’t finish it five seconds ago. The story itself is set in a beautiful fantasy land that we’re introduced to from the perspective from Celaena Sardothien (forgive me if i misspell) a girl who is only 18 and is the land’s most well-known assassin who has spent the last year in one of the most hellish places known to her world, a salt mine where people are known to not last the month and yet she manages an entire year which is unknown to have ever occurred so we’re shown straight away that Celaena is a fighter! my favourite kind of protagonist (badasses make me happy). One day she is taken from the mines by the Captain of the Guard – Choal Westfall and taken to Prince Dorian Havilliard who proposes a deal to Celaena: Fight as his champion in an upcoming competition and become the King’s (his father) Champion and in a few years she will leave the castle a free woman pardoned of all of her crimes. Naturally, she agrees not knowing that she has just thrown herself into a world of mystery and magic in which she will be in a constant state of fighting for her life and her freedom whilst struggling not to give away her heart. This book was beautiful. The plot line was gorgeous and thrilling and the IMAGERY! WOW!! definitely a re-read and possibly the source of my new book addiction.


Ah the business end of my reviews! where to begin? Each and every single character that i came to love in this story had their own character development that made them even more precious in my mind. It was truly beautiful and actually went really well with the way the story developed which is kind of rare, usually when we go into the perspective of another character it can seem kind of repetitive or even necessary to the growing plot line of the book; but in this instance when the perspective changed i felt like i needed that quick insight into the character’s mind to understand what the hell they were doing or even what was going on in the story at the time, it was beautifully balanced and not all repetitive.

Let’s start with the protagonist Celaena Sardothien. Celaena is a beautiful character to read and to look through the eyes of. She has a witty sense of humour and a way with the boys that is insanely inspiring. She is introduced to us when she is originally serving her sentence in Endovier, and even though she’s half-dead, starving and frail her spirit is not weakened; she is as strong in her mind as she always was and even when facing the possibility of execution she has an air of confidence about her that screams “try me.” It’s really fascinating following her character through her journey’s especially as she evolves as a person. She starts off as someone who refuses to get close to, or trust anyone and only ever thinks of her freedom, even if working as the King’s champion makes her feel a little sick to her stomach she’s willing to do anything to gain back her freedom. we’re also shown that she is brave and will not take lightly to any wrongdoings she witnesses when she is discovered to have killed three rapist/murderers who did horrible things to an ally of her’s in Endovier. Over the course of the book she develops friendships, loyalties and even what is hinted to as a budding romance (or two). it is really captivating to witness her subtle evolution not to mention the mystery that her past holds.  For instance… who is Sam? Who betrayed her? How did sam die? Who are her parents? What happened to her when she was 8? Who was she in Terrasen? SO MUCH MYSTERY! While some of these things were briefly touched upon in the book, and some i have budding theories for; i’m hoping that all the answers will lie in the next book of the series (though i doubt it with there being four other books and all) also a question that plagues me to this moment is this: What’s the mark on her forehead and what does it mean? i can’t help but feel it’s important to the story, but i’m so impatient for answers i’m lost tempted to Google. ALMOST. i will be picking up the next book in the series soon though, so look forward to that.

Next comes the boys; Dorian Havilliard and Choal Westfall. These two play a large roll in Celaena’s life in the castle, not to mention the sourcing behind some of her character evolution; but they’re not some side character love interests… oh no! they have lives and stories of their own not to mention they each evolve in their own right, thanks large in part to Celaena. Dorian Havilliard is the Crown Prince of Adarlan whose father is a raging warmonger who has basically conquered the entire realm; so you’d expect him to be nothing short of pompous and entitled but he isn’t. Rather he is a young man who is struggling between who he is expected to be and who he is. He tries in every way open to him to disobey his father and show that he isn’t the same kind of man, however, his choices are limited as he lives in fear of the King’s wrath; which he has no qualms about releasing on his family and close advisors. Dorian tries with every fibre of his strength to prove to himself that he can be someone different from his father all the while struggling with his duties as Crown Prince. He is expected by his mother to take a wife, expected to become king and rule just like his father, and expected to behave. In reality however, he wishes only to marry for love, wants to rule with kindness, compassion and without war and most off all he wants to break free of the expectations beheld of him and just to be free to be himself and love whom he wants (which is admittedly shown in his playboy beginnings). He evolves through the influence of Celaena to become all the things that he wants to be. He falls for her, hard and in this transformation there is a moment when he dances with her at a ball that he feels like a man, and a man who is king; she gave him feeling of wholeness and and with it came a capability to ignore what others think of him and to hell with the expectations of others. It’s a truly beautiful transformation.

Chaol (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) Westfall also undergoes and extraordinary transformation. Beautiful, Loyal, Brave Chaol, i could sing his praises all day; try me. He is Captain of the Guard at 22 which is portrayed to be quite the achievement and struggles with no inner demons content with the way he sees the world in black-and-white. This all changes when Celaena comes into his life, naturally he treats he with mistrust, Adarlan’s Assassin alone? Around the Prince? to Chaol, that’s a hell-no situation. So he guards the world from his perception of her by staying by her side at all times when she is outside of her rooms and leaves at least three guards by her chambers when she’s not. In all this time together his world view changes, he cannot at first understand who someone with so many scars from being whipped and has stayed in one of the worst places on earth for such a long time can laugh freely, smile and makes jokes (even if it’s at someone’s expense). Sometimes he wants to strangle her for the way she acts around others (meaning himself and the Prince) and other times he gets a knight in shining armour complex around her. What’s more is that he comes to respect her during the corse of the book; he sees how she changes from someone pale, weak and frail with only humour to defend herself to someone who is strong, challenging and a force to be reckoned with. He trains her and trains with her from day one recognising her talent over and over again, all the while letting her crawl closer and closer to his heart without either of them realising. it’s almost frustrating really. Along the way the most extraordinary change is that he starts to trust her, and even when she seems on the brink of dying is close to breaking everything he ever knows to help her; then comes the moment where his reality shatters; he kills a man to save her life. no longer is he the perfect Captain of the Guard in his own eyes but someone who is stained and he does not regret the action that led him to saving her life even if he feels dirtied by it. Its was amazing to read his ever changing perspective on life.

If i had anything at all negative to say it would be this: I wish some more exploration into the society (meaning holidays and religion etc) had been done but i’m sure that’s rectified in the following books. i would’ve also liked for more information about the land and the mythology behind the Wyrdmarks and maybe something that really gives a feel to how the series will develop. But again all this can be done through following books since this is a  series and not a stand-alone. I look forward to reading more from Sarah J Maas!!!

Til next time,



Attachments: Rainbow Rowell (Spoilers Ahead!)

Wow. This book was unexpectedly beautiful and a relatable must-read. Continue to find out what more I had to say 🙂



There’s books that make you smile, books that make you laugh and then there’s this.

Sorry I haven’t been around for awhile, I was experiencing one heck a reading slump; since my last post I’ve tried reading several books; all fruitlessly. Thinking about giving up I tried one last ditch effort to escape; I went to Dymocks and brought a book. This book obviously.

I finished it five seconds ago and just had to write about it, so here’s what i have to say…

How to begin? Well, I firstly have to say that I went into this book a little doubtful and hesitant. I’ve read two other Rainbow Rowell books before (Carry On and Fangirl) and really liked her style. She writes differently than any other contemporary author I’ve ever read, everything is a little more subtle than a grand gesture that makes the protagonist realise that he’s madly in love; it’s something I’m admittedly addicted to even though I know it’s a tad unrealistic. But R.R does something different, these characters that she portrays -and in this sense i’m speaking specifically about Attachments- are so much more than characters in a book, they’re so real! Everything about them makes me feel like i’m in a conversation with real people facing real day-to-day problem with their struggles seeping into my soul and making me feel like i’m one of them, leading an extraordinarily ordinary life that breathes relatable complications. It’s truly beautiful and enrapturing.


In this book specifically we follow the perspective of Lincoln, who is so unsure of himself, his purpose and his life. He works in a Newspaper called “The Courier” as essentially a computing spy who makes sure everyone’s emails aren’t being used for unlawful content. Every night he sits at his desk alone in the office going through countless emails and feeling low and begone because he sees himself as something… less, almost unfulfilled.It’s something as a university student who spends her life wondering if she’ll ever make it can relate to a hell of a lot. Especially since he can’t help going back to university and adding yet another degree to his belt. That’s right, Lincoln is practica

lly a university (and student loan) addict who continues to keep going back trying to find his purpose in life. He starts to finally see a way that it can all look up for him when he begins reading the other main character’s emails. He reads exchanges between Jennifer and Beth two women who also work at the newspaper. Beth reviews movies and writes articles and Jennifer is an editor. The two are best friends who share their lives with each other, something i’ll get back to in a moment. Lincoln’s seemingly inescapable melancholy filled with routine is not some quick fix that disappears as soon as he reads the first email; no. It is far more slow and fulfilling than that, each time that i turned the page i wondered wether or not he would ever feel better again, not noticing that as i was pulled further into the story that he slowly was getting better and better, almost without me noticing until the big changes occurred. It was beautifully realistic and fascinating. He starts off become more sociable and open to new people, making friends and plans, next he starts going to the gym and looking after himself and the next thing I know he’s function as a happy human being. Like falling asleep to quote John Green: slowly than all at once. It was weirdly enough making me feel proud of Lincoln, like he was my best friend who finally pulled himself out of something that made me wish I could rescue him. I felt so happy when the end of the book came and i found out that Beth and Lincoln get together that i smiled enough to hurt my cheeks and a swell of happiness erupted in my chest.

As for the girls, or rather, women… We are taken on a journey through their lives as well and it is beautifully witty and funny and filled with emotion and love; there’s so much that is explored in their lives and what’s frustrating is that we don’t get to hear MORE, Lincoln only gets a portion of their emails that are ‘flagged’ (meaning marked as possibly having naughty content including swearing etc.) so we only get a peek into the lives that they’re leading but it’s enough to get captured in their stories. I’ll start with Jennifer.

Jennifer is a married woman whose partner’s name is Mitch. As I said earlier she works in the newspaper as an editor, which makes her a serious grammar nazi. There’s something about her that is really quite funny and uplifting in her sense of humour and the way that she talks to Beth (her best friend) she care deeply about Mitch and Beth but struggles with her identity and cynical nature, something which she swears she inherited from her mother. She lives her life in this mindset that something is going to go wrong, but she’s also weirdly wise and very kind when she wants to be. During the emails that we’re introduced to and given to read we discover that she’s been having slight marriage problems in that seemingly she and her husband want very different things. Mitch wants a baby and she doesn’t. This state of conflict causes a small and hardly noticeable rift between the two but Jennifer still feels it and can’t help but trying to find comfort with her friend. However, this all starts the change for Jennifer and as starts somewhat accidentally giving into strange impulses and buying baby clothes, which is altogether really kind of cute. She does finally give in to this idea of a baby and ends up trying to get pregnant, something which Beth feels happy for her about and so does Lincoln but the women don’t know about that one.  She, much like Lincoln goes through such a subtle yet expected evolution of character and it was really fun to go on that journey with her, through the eyes of Lincoln and her emails.

Beth on the other hand also goes through some serious change in character, although instead of happening slowly and subtly I have to admit i did see this evolution coming from a mile away; though i suppose that was the point. Beth is in a relationship with the lead guitarist of a band called ‘Sacajawea’ who she has been with since her freshman year in college (if that’s wrong I’m sorry, it’s a different system where I live). Although she feels like she’s desperately in love with him, she suffered through multiple things during the course of their relationship, the disapproval of her parents, her friends and family not quite liking them and above all that her boyfriend Chris acts a little distant and uncaring towards her; yet she still persists. the one problem that she continually can’t wrap her head around is that Chris just won’t propose and Beth feels like her life hasn’t truly worked out the way she planned and so she feels a little aimless and stuck in her situation (a bit like Lincoln don’t you think.) It becomes quite obvious during the length of this book that Beth isn’t all that dedicated to staying with Chris, which become apparent when she first lays eyes on Lincoln, not knowing who he actually is. She becomes instantly infatuated with the way he looks saying at one stage she wants to bite his neck and thinks he is tall and cute. Beth even goes as far as light stalking trying to get in full contact with Lincoln as so far she’s only caught a glimpse of him doing part of his job; which is to help fix computers when their programming misbehaves. Not only does Beth develop a crush on Lincoln whom she dubs “Her Cute Guy” she also expresses interest in other guys during the plot of the book. Now i’m not calling her out as a bad person, I don’t think she is at all, what i think is that she’s is a practically affection less relationship so she goes out looking for people to have imaginary affection with. She doesn’t approach Lincoln at all, and the other guy she thinks is cute she tells that she’s engaged. So she isn’t a cheater i think sub-consciously she’s just trying to reach out for someone who loves her like she feels she deserves; as Chris is not giving her that at all; he is out most night with his band and barely spends any time with her, and when they are in the same house he is distant and not quite there in his demeanour, so she is essentially starved of a healthy relationship. Something which Lincoln thinks he can give her. I think my favourite part of her journey as a person is when she finally breaks it off with Chris, and not just because i like the idea of her with Lincoln. it’s mainly because for her ( and in my opinion) it’s a huge step towards independence, and realising her potential as a person; he finally sends up for herself and says, “no, i deserve better.” and that to me is so amazing! she does something brave and good that makes her life better, and even though she’s sad she knows she did the right thing. (hooray for girl power!)

Overall, this book was brilliant and I felt all warm a mushy inside when i got to the ending, it was a good ending, done in the right way. If i had to say anything negative it would be that it was a kind of slow start and took me a little while to get into, but i think that’s just a comment on the style of writing R.R uses, it’s very much like life, in which your in a state  of endless cycles and then everything huge happens at once. And even though you feel like the roof has just fallen on your head you know you’re better off having now survived the disaster.


Til next time,


Life And Death: Stephenie Meyer (Spoilers Ahead)

I re-read Life and Death by Stephanie Meyer, and i had some things to say…
Don’t worry, I loved it 🙂

I’m going to admit straight away that i’ve already read this book before; but i promised that i would review every book i picked up regardless of if i’ve read it before… so here it goes.

This book was beautiful! As a fan of the Twilight Saga myself i was seriously looking forward to this book coming out, but not just because it was a different book this time around because of the gender of characters, but because I was looking forward to how Stephenie Meyer would personally improve upon her techniques used in the first book. She lived up to all of my expectations.

Let’s start at the beginning. The book opens up to a familiar scene of Bella… wait, sorry, Beau saying goodbye to his mother before heading off to Forks. Already i can see the difference in character and the writing techniques. Beau’s character has already been outlined as someone who always feels responsible for the ones he loves, already he is portrayed as ‘the man of the house’ who has spent his entire adolescence in adulthood, by paying taxes, buying groceries etc. And Beau’s mother is improved as well, her personality is already better outlined and solidified in the beginning of the book.

As the story progresses you can see the improvements in descriptive pieces about the environment and the locations had been specified and expanded upon, and although the plot line seems to follow the original Twilight flawlessly, I was still enraptured by how different Beau seemed, as well as trying to translate characters across genders. Already Beau is seen to be more sarcastic, OCD, and organised than Bella. I don’t think these changes are based on gender alone, it’s almost as if with every character whose gender she changed, they became their own characters who have diverted from their original mirror images.

Ah the Cullens; we are introduced to the Cullens in the same manner as in Twilight. But, already we can see differences in who they are as characters from the very beginning…

Emmet/ Eleanor is still the strongest of the Cullen clan, but instead of a physique that was filled with intimidating muscle, Eleanor is more lean but still built with muscle; Stephenie Meyer described her as looking like a star volleyball player. Eleanor is less dominant in personality than her counterpart Emmett, whereas Emmett was more free spirited with an attitude towards Rosalie that was basically the repetition of “nah, she’ll get over it.” Eleanor was more subdued, with the same cheeky sense of humour and easy going demeanour no doubt, but she was more subdued as a character, didn’t play a huge part and was merely the conduit to allow Royal (Rosalie) some space away from Beau. While we’re on the topic of Royal…. Wow! i hope that Rosalie’s uncanny beauty would be translated across, but what i never imagined was that Stephenie Meyer would gift him with a man-bun. i admit to cackling a little about that. However, i almost forgot that Royal and Rosalie were supposed to be essentially the same person. Royal is very different from Rosalie… Where Rosalie was more egotistical because of her breathtaking looks and self-centred; except when it came to the safety of her family Royal was different, he was still the good-looking one (described as Prom King type…. man-bun and all) who instead of catty, was standoffish barely paying Beau any unnecessary attention – besides glaring at him hatefully every once in a while- and was mainly focused on the family he left behind in his Vampirism and hated Beau because of what he had that he was giving up by being with Edythe.

Alice and Jasper/ Archie and Jessamine come next. Jessamine and Jasper stayed to basically the same character outline; both still having golden blonde hair and a strained look about them. She’s still quiet with a sense of an aura that makes her seem dangerous, like a fighter. She also still keeps to her archetypes outline of being the support for Archie whenever he has a vision. In the original series Jasper doesn’t really show his personality til later books in which his military experience comes into play, so I wasn’t really surprised. Archie has differentiated hugely from the Original Alice; he is described an have thin wiry muscles, the kind you would find on a Gymnast, with close cropped shaved hair; a little more intimidating than Ballerina Alice. Archie is still inhumanly graceful with sometimes the same habit of getting ahead of himself in the friend department with Beau, but he is definitely friendlier and his gift comes more into play this time around; actually all of their gifts come more into play this time around, except for Edythe (Edward) whose gift was one of the main plot points anyway. Archie was less vague about his abilities and less of a mystery about who he was as a person. Archie is much friendlier, when Beau first goes to the Cullen’s house he greets Beau with a huge man-hug which takes just about everyone by surprise, with Beau feeling a little more at ease around him. Especially when the mortal danger comes into play and Beau is forced to retreat to Phoenix with Archie and Jessamine we are given a more clear representation of howArchie’s gifts work and the budding friendship between the two is shown to be apparent and less awkward, which in Twilight the awkwardness between Alice and Bella is palpable.

A lot of Carine (Carlisle) and Earnest (Esme) stays basically exactly the same. Although Earnest is less like a mother hen and more like a slightly more distant doting father. Carine still remains kind and caring with an empathy towards others and an uncanny leadership quality when it comes to the family.

Finally, the leading lady; Edythe. Edith is almost completely different from her original archetype of Edward. Edith is much more affection and open with Beau, still with the iconic self-loathing streak a mile wide; but her emotions and thoughts are communicated so much better making that character seem less emotionally constipated and completely drowning in self-loathing. Edith however, shows only her self-loathing when she feels that she’s placed Beau in danger, admittedly many times in the book. Otherwise she acts completely like someone who is experiencing her first love. it was kind of refreshing to have that new outlook form Edythe’s perspective as a girl who loves a boy without all of that angst ruining every sweet moment. Something that really struck me about the gender swap of it all was how Beau felt towards Edythe putting herself in danger. Like a man wanting to protecting the one he loves, he looks at her and can’t understand how something so beautiful and angelic could possibly be deadly which plays a large role in their relationship and his acceptance of her vampirism; most people think that this mentality of Beau’s is solidifying gender roles in the book, however I believe that Beau feeling that protective over Edythe is merely the expression of his character rather than how she feels a specific gender acts.

Now all that’s left to talk about is that ending. Personally, I love the ending. i know it differentiates from the original story in that Beau ends up a vampire quite early in the story. But I feel like if Stephenie ended it any other way it wouldn’t be suited to Beau’s personality, I also like it how he seems to elegantly flow into a life of vampirism which helps to further understand Bella’s journey into Breaking Dawn, that it wasn’t just because she chose to be this way but rather because it was their shared personality or rather destiny that means that they become vampires with ease. The only really negative thing i have to say about the story as a whole is just that it saddens me that Charlie had to suffer this way, i don’t like that he had to deal with the loss of his child leaving him without anyone in his life. That and i really want MORE of Beau’s story to find out what happens with Victor and the Voltouri it doesn’t feel like i got enough of a peek into Beau’s life… like i only have half a book.  But otherwise I loved every moment of it 🙂

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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer: Michelle Hodkin. (Spoilers Ahead)

I read and loved this book!! Read more to get the full scope of my fangirling ramblings!

Holy hell this book was good!

from start to finish i was completely captivated by Mara Dyer’s story. I will admit when i first picked up the book i was a little hesitant to start reading, thinking a little in the back of my mind that it would be just another teen book which was written well; but not beautifully, i was wrong in the most glorious sense. from start to finish the book was filled with vivid imagery and a tantalising mystery that had me theorising the entire time. I basically finished it in a day, i just couldn’t put it down. In the beginning when Mara wakes up in the hospital and is feeling entirely confused i feather emotions as if they were my own and images of the scene unfolding around me bloomed in my mind like i was watching a movie, everything was well written and captivating, making me need to just keep going to understand what the hell was going on in this teenagers life!

all of the characters were well-written with seemingly minds of their own instead of being words on the page. Michelle set Mara’s personality basis up in a quick fashion with so much more about her being learned as her story unfolds, i feel as if i went through all of her trials with her, Mara’s pain is my pain; it was an extraordinary experience, one that i’m looking forward to continuing. what tops off this situation is the way Mara is written to interact with other characters, in terms of her family you can see in every forced action and thought out actions that there is so much love there; and when her baby brother Joseph gets kidnapped and the repercussion of his kidnapping unfold Mara’s protective instinct and need to find her brother were communicated brilliantly. furthermore, something i loved about the book was Mara’s interactions with Noah. The delicious English boy that i’m sure every girl on the planet wants to kiss. Michelle wrote him beautifully perfect and yet not two dimensional like some books that i’ve read in the past. Noah is both abnormally beautiful and also has so much history and realism that it’s almost as if he were real and about to bang on my door with Mara at his side. The romance between the two was beautifully written and so real, there was no false perfection and no sense that no matter what everything was going to be okay between the two, i’m not sure of the status of their relationship after their fiasco at the courthouse but one things for certain this ‘Ship’s one for my list of all time favourites.

plot wise there was so many things that were done right. my word!! everything was mystery even at the end when somethings that were just assumed become a gigantic mess of confusion. I loved how she gave Noah an opposing gift to whatever the heck Mara has and gave her someone to confide in, although honestly i did in no way see that coming, i honestly though that Noah would be like some sort of supporting character that would be the only one to believe Mara not someone who was completely extraordinary in his won right. When Jude was revealed to be alive at the very end i nearly had to re-read the entire page for it to sink in! i definitely did not see that coming, poor Mara! it’s going to be amazing continuing on Mara’s journey in the next two books, i can;t wait to see what happens as more events unfold. One thing is for certain i hope Mara gets over her fear and just lays one on Noah, i need that in my life.


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Introduction of Me: Origin of the Bookworm.

Just a little bit about me and how i became a Bookworm

Hey everyone,

i figured i should take this time to talk a little about myself so you guys know what to expect from this page… not that i’m a 100% sure anybody will actually read anything i write but it is a good chance for me to practice for later in life; so here goes nothing:

I am a nearly 20 year old university student in my third year studying in an English degree. my life is basically a never ending routine of classes, studying and the occasional time to finish a novel the same day that i start it. Since the time that i was little i have always read books, mainly because my mother refused to perpetuate gender roles in my life; so instead of kitchenettes, tea sets, tiaras etc. i got books, but still i didn’t really become a dedicated bookworm/ book-dragon until  close to my first year of high school, around this time i was still reading casually to pass the time instead of playing games and giving myself injuries like a normal kid. it wasn’t until the movie Twilight came out that my descent into Book addiction began, i got the first three books of the series for my birthday ( Twilight, new Moon and Eclipse for those who don’t know) after i begged my mother for them after watching the movie and loving it. As i was sick that week and it was my first week in a new school i stayed at home and those three books had been finished within three days, it was to a much younger me absolutely amazing and i had to get the next one. So, without further arguments my mother generously bought me the next book in the series which i finished in two days. Feeling better after my week sickie i walked into a new and frankly terrifying school feeling like in that moment i’ve never felt a closer affinity to one Bella Swan.

I was frankly terrified. But i soon found my way into the my social group and how did i do that? through Twilight, at this time it was a major phenomena and basically everyone was into it. So naturally when i mentioned it around certain Twi-hard i was immediately accepted into the fold of nerds, i am now ashamed (somewhat) to admit that we even gave each other nicknames based on characters from the books (I was Esme). My evolution didn’t stop there however, i quickly got sick of reading the books 12 times in a row and a girl i used to be friends with then decided to open up my world by showing me the paranormal section in our school library. Ah, the mistakes of youth. In that time i found series after series of books to fall in love with to the point where i got used to having a book on my person at all times.

Now, i’m someone whose life is dedicated to books and literature, both metaphorically and literally with aspirations to become a famous author and a bookshelf packed to the brim with novels. So, in order to spare my friends the pain of listening to me ramble for hours on end about whatever book I’m reading at the moment, I’ve made this blog, where i can write reviews on what i’m reading and maybe post so original pieces of my own. So, if you’re reading this for whatever reason, Good Luck and Enjoy xx